Spiritual Growth Ministries

Spritiual Growth Ministries are here to help you spirit grow to new heights through the community. St. Mary's offers much more than just prayer groups, even though we have those too. There are two librarys, a young adult program, and caticism classes. But best of all there is an Eucharistic Adoration Chapel.

Eucharistic Adoration Chapel

St. Mary's has a 24 hour Eucharistic Adoration Chapel, where parishioner are free to come and adore our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrement any time in which it is convient for them. The chapel is fully equiped with chairs and kneelers and many devotional books. The chapel in located in the Nolin-Murray Center.

So come and follow the example of great saints such as St. Fancis of Assisi, St. Therese of Lisieux, Blessed Mother Teresa and Blessed Pope John Paul II and spend time with our Lord.

Call the rectory for the pass code into the Nolin-Murray Center, where the chapel is located.

St. Mary's Eucharistic Adoration Chapel

40 Hours of Adoration


As a parish we have three "40 Hours of Devotion" each year. The first is to prepare for the Feast of the Annunciation (when Jesus was conceived) on March 25, the second, August 15 is to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption, and the third, December 8th is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (when Mary was conceived).

Our 40 Hours Devotion is a time we set aside in the parish to give special attention to the unparalleled gift God has given us in the Blessed Sacrament. Let me quote a paragraph on page 147 from the book, Jesus Shock which the parish gave each family as a 2012 Christmas gift.

"So please be alone with Christ now, frequently, before the Eucharist. This is one of the most practical things you can possibly do. For there will come a day, sooner than you wish, when you will be alone with Him and unable to return to your friends or your family or your home or the pleasures of the world, ever again. You will be alone with Christ at the border of eternity. Why wait until that momentous moment to be alone with Him? Why not practice?"

Make a commitment to sign up for this beautiful time of prayer. Please be generous with the gift of your time to God. God will not be outdone in generosity.


Living Faith

Daily Catholic Devotions is a quarterly booklet of daily reflections on one of the scripture readings from that day's Mass, which is provided to the parishioners of St. Mary's free of charge. Some reflections are taken from published works by people like Fr. Henri J.M. Nouwen, Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa. Other reflections are written by regular contributors, including Sr. Joyce Rupp, Amy Welborn and Mitch Finley. Whether lay, clergy or religious, LIVING FAITH writers provide a variety of perspectives and insights. Since each devotion is a personal reflection on a Scripture passage from the day's Mass readins, readers pray and meditate along with the seasons of the Church year.

 Quarter Three's (July, August, September) Living Faith is now available in the back of St. Mary's. Pick up your free copy today before supplies run out!

Prayer Groups

There are three primary prayer groups here at St. Mary's. They meet different days of the week and pray in conjunction with the daily readings. It is also a wonderful way to build fellowship with other parishioners.

Women's Prayer Group: Monday night in the Library starting at 7:00pm.

Men's Prayer Group 1: Tuesday night in the Youth Room starting at 7:00pm.

Men's Prayer Group 2: Thursday morning in the Library starting at 8:00am.


St. Mary's has two libraries available to them. Inside the Nolin-Murray Center is the Holy Family Library. It has wonderful resources of books, DVD, VHS and CD to help inspire, enlighten and engage you along your life's faith journey. So, come visit the Holy Family Library and sign out a book.

 Holy Family Library


If the Holy Family Library does not have what you are looking for chances are the Resource Center of the Diocese of Burlington will. All you need to do is register and check out any book, DVD, VHS, pamphlet, or CD. The Resource Center will mail your selection to you free of charge. In two weeks they ask that you mail back your package. Click here to be directed to the Resource Center.

Resource Center Welcome Page

Catholic Lighthouse Media
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Rosary Leaders
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Theology on Tap

Theology on Tap is open to all young adults of any religious background who are ages 20-35. Theology on Tap helps us, young adults, to learn more about their faith and to share in the Catholic community. 

Theology on Tap is centered around a series of get togethers on faith topics of interest to us. Our meetings are at The Hole in the Hill Resturaunt, we get together roughly every 6 weeks. Our meetings usually have a presention on a theological topic, time for discussion, faith sharing, and just plain socializing.

So keep a look out in the bulletin and come join friends for a good drink and great conversation.

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